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Rose and her Wolf

by @lavendercooler

The sweet beautiful Rose, wearing her red cloak is traveling to visit her grandmother. While she picks flowers in the meadow she is meet a mysterious man who offers to guide her through the woods. Enticed by his handsome face Rose can't help but let him guide her. However he carries a secret, he's a wolf looking for a mate. View Story

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fairy tale

Red ridding hood

"Bound by Desire: A Steamy Tale of Forbidden Passion"

by @alsosprachz

Mia, the stunning bride-to-be, has always been the center of attention. However, at her wedding, her timid and insecure maid of honor, Ashley, catches the eye of the best man, Greg. He invites her up to his room after the reception, where she discovers that his dominant nature not only sets her heart racing but also awakens an intense desire for submission. View Story

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Forbidden Love


Unwanted Pregnancy

Swapped in the Sex Shop

by @lebean

While exploring a sex shop, Ashley discovers a strange device that inadvertently swaps her body with her best friend, Lily. Confused but intrigued, they decide to test out their new bodies by engaging in a steamy session of masturbation. View Story

Story Concepts (try these in your own stories!)

body swap


Keep: The Fall and Rise of Taylor

by @weaselwriter

Taylor Swift's private plane crashes in a violent unusual storm. She is the only survivor and wakes up on a beach, her clothes are in tatters. As the days pass, she struggled to find basics like food and water. Eventually the only thing she can find is a strange pinkish fruit to eat. As the days draw out, Taylor finds shelter, but is also constantly in fear of strange wild beasts she has seen stalking through the jungle. She's by a stream gathering water, when one of the beasts attacks her. She is saved by a huge naked neanderthal male. Describe the male as over 7 feet tall and his body as primal and powerful. He does not speak english. The male is fascinated by taylor's pale skin and bright yellow hair. She is unable to fight as he takes her and the dead beast back to his village. The villagers all all towering neanderthals. Their bodies all naked and painted with various designs. They were all naked and speak in grunts. The are all fascinated with how small and pale Taylor is. They are particularly fascinated with her hair. They strip of what is left of her clothes and throw them in the fire. After much debate, the village decides she is gift sent from their gods. The women clean her and bathe her in very odd oils and fruit. They feed her more of the pink fruit, and meats from the animals they kill. Taylor tries to escape, but they are amused at how quickly she is recaptured. As the days turn to weeks, Taylor notices that all the oils and things she is being covered in and the food she is given have started to make her body fill out and get more womanly. One night a strange greenish moon rises, and the village begins to celebrate. It is a fertility celebration, and the whole village descends into a frenzied Orgy. Taylor is passed from man to man, and she is overwhelmed and almost hurt by the size of their enormous cocks. View Story

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Big cock

Body modification




Bar Berries

by @gummed07

Two mean, bratty young women (Taylor and Dakota) that are drinking at a bar, and the beer they're drinking turns them into big juicy berries. View Story

Story Concepts (try these in your own stories!)

Juicy Berries Transformation

Bratty Girls

Sexual Transformation


An Assassin and a Dark Elf

by @exiled02

Orion is a assassin in disguise as a wealthy businessman. His family trade is assassination but livestock is a front to hide it. He lives in the fantasy kingdom of Arangath. Slavery is legal. The main species that are slaves are elves and creature species. Orion goes to the market to find a slave he could train to maintain his equipment as it was too hard to do all of it himself and with such little time that he had. View Story

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"Passion's Fury: A Tale of Forbidden Love and Treacherous Seduction"

by @fckt0y

Young fit latina with nice ass meets 5 bbc muscular alpha men. She comes out of shower and had mostly dried herself when she is grabbed from behind. Hand over mouth. 4 other bbc men surround and take off robe. Tease body and pussy. Bent over hands bound. Fucked hard doggystyle in tight pussy one after another. She is given hit of poppers sometimes to help relax and control. She struggles a bit but usually shows signs of orgasm and enjoying getting fucked hard enough to hear her pussy with back shots. Her mouth is bound over the whole time. Every now and then she gets tied to head board, or hands and legs are held down and held apart for others to use. Their friends watch. They comment and encourage each other, tell her to keep taking cock like a good girl. Choking, slapping, playing with body. She ends up moaning daddy every so often enjoying it through her whimpers and moans. Getting lost in being fucked so good. View Story

Story Concepts (try these in your own stories!)


female protagonist


interracial sex


Family Guy - Peter and Lois’ Date Night

by @idklol

A Family Guy episode where Peter and Lois go out for a date night, but Lois gets an idea in her head to make the date night more memorable for her and Peter. She chose to dress up in a short sleeveless pink dress that she bought for herself at the Quahog Mall yesterday, and she decided to go without panties underneath it tonight. Peter is unaware of what Lois is planning for their date night, but one thing’s for sure, he’ll be in for a suggestive and irresistible surprise tonight by his wife while they’re out for dinner. View Story

Story Concepts (try these in your own stories!)

family guy

peter griffin

lois griffin

date night


Electric Denial

by @masterling

Elle, frustrated after a string of terrible dates and even worse boyfriends, decides to invest in a sex robot to get at least good orgasms if good relationships are out. She didn't expect the robot to deny her the very thing she bought it for. Nor anything else that happened afterwards. View Story

Story Concepts (try these in your own stories!)


Female Protagonist


AI sex story

Human-Robot Relationship

Bound by Desire

by @bookbook

In this incestuous tale of mind control and tentacle pleasuring, two siblings unwittingly surrender their bodies to a perverse pleasure cult. Trapped in a web of psychic bondage, they must not only navigate the depths of their taboo desires but also resist the urge to break free from their twisted fate. View Story

Story Concepts (try these in your own stories!)

mind control

futanari lesbian

master and slave

Tentacle pleasuring

Incest-themed mind control

Psychic bonds

Latest User Stories

Becoming a Baby Factory

When Freya woke up that morning, she was shocked to see her breasts had gone up several cup sizes overnight. She had been modestly busty before, but now her breasts were larger than melons, overflowing her hands as she felt them. Getting out of bed and walking towards the mirror, Freya is even more shocked when she finds more changes to her body. Her waist had cinched inwards making her skinny, her hips flared outwards round and full, her ass and thighs were thick with fat; yet also perky and toned. So overwhelmed by her changed body, Freya calls in sick from work so she can figure out why her body had some kind second puberty, unaware her changes were far from over.

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Story Concepts

Busty Growth

Clothes Ripping

Unexpected Change



Midnight Seduction

alondra and ashley had been dating for 4 months, one day ashley invited her over for a sleepover since her whole family was going to be out. in the middle of the night, alondra woke up with a wet dream about her favorite porn star performing lesbian actions on her. she was so turned on that she couldn't control herself and started pleasuring ashley without saying a word.

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Story Concepts


Late Night


Wet Dream


Besties in Private: Desi Straight Female Best Friends Watch Porn Together for the First Time

desi straight female best friends watch porn together for the first time

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Story Concepts

Besties in Private


Straight Female Best Friends

Watch Porn Together

First Time

Switching Roles

After their intimate massage, Alondra convinces Ashley to try something new – roleplaying. As they act out a seductive scenario where Ashley is the dominant one and Alondra is the submissive one, they both discover a world of power and control that ignites their passion.

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Story Concepts






Dressing Room Dilemma: Son's Awkward Arousal under Mom's CFNM Rule

Son is forced to become CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Man) because of his mom

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Story Concepts


Forced Crossdressing

Mother and Son


Clothed Female Naked Male

Sweet Innocence Embraces Kink

Extremely detailed Coming of age while experimenting with new sexual experiences, with a trusted individual as she suggest things she has always wanted to try or has been curious about, including squirting, sucking, fucking, and anal.

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Story Concepts

sexual exploration

new experiences

adult guidance




Emily Pays A Debt

A highschool senior who's newly 18 years old is told that her father has fallen into some gambling debts with his boss. He begs his daughter to go to his house for the evening since his debts will be forgiven if he does. She reluctantly agrees and puts on the special lingerie and beautiful qipao that her father's boss picked out for her. When she's dropped off at her father's boss's home she's shocked by how elegant the place is. When the door opens her breath is taken away by the deeply masculine 40 something year old Chinese man that opens the door. Will she manage to make it through the night with both her virginity in tact and still be loyal to her father?

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Story Concepts



Enemy Wrestlers' Heated Tensions Ignite: Infidelity Leads to Intimate Encounters

Jim and Matt are enemy wrestlers. Jim and Sophie are lovers. But recently Sophie is feeling attracted to Matt more and fuck without Jim knowing

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Story Concepts

enemy wrestlers


taboo desires

hidden affections

passionate sex

the most creative conflict resolution

Ethan Sawyer and Oliver Griffin are former best friends, now divided by conflict over an old misunderstanding. Ethan is homophobic and Oliver is openly gay. They are as rude to each other as possible, but one day they cross paths at a college party, both drunk, and get into an argument, then decide to go out and the argument accidentally turns into a kiss and then into rough sex.

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Story Concepts









Memory Foam Mattress: A Kidnapper's Delight

Jason a 21 year-old college swimmer had just finished practice and headed back to his apartment. You need to be there for a 5 PM delivery of a new mattress. He had ordered this mattress 30 days ago and it was being delivered today. It was a special memory foam mattress that would help him feel more relaxed after a hard, swimming workout. he was looking forward to receiving the mattress for a company called slumberland. What Jason did not know is today was going to be a different day. Over the last six months he had been observed by two kidnappers working for a wealthy billionaire. The kidnappers do Jason‘s daily routine. They also had cameras at Jason‘s apartment so they knew he’s coming and going and what kind of plans he had made. Including the delivery of the new mattress. The kidnappers were going to use the opportunity of the mattress being delivered to pick up their prized treasure for the billionaire. Over the last 10 years, The billionaire had kidnapped over 150 college age swimmers. Taking them back to his private south Pacific Island in brainwashing them through hypnosis to be a feminine gay cocksucker. He considered them to be trophy boys. This is Jason’s story Jason hears a knock at the door and opens the door to see two delivery men with a large crate. He lets them into his apartment and closes the door. The delivery men begin to unpack the mattress and set it up. Jason watches as they finish setting up the mattress. He is then told that he needs to sign for the delivery. The two delivery men were very fit guys. They both look to be about age 30. Jason did not know that the kidnappers could quickly shoot a sedative dart into Jason ‘s left Buttock. Putting him fast to sleep Both kidnappers looked at each other with a smile. They were so happy how easy it was to put Jason to sleep. Now they had to prepare him so they could load him into the mattress, crate and transport him back to the psychiatric hospital to be process and prepared for the billionaire. The kidnappers took Jason to his bedroom and laid him on the bed. They then put hey anesthetic gas mask over his head and used Silk ties used Silk ties to gently tie his hands down spread eagle in the mattress container. They then carried him to the crate and placed him inside. The kidnappers then took a large sheet of plexiglass and put it over the top of the crate. The kidnappers hooked up the sleeping gas mask and turned it on. They checked to make sure that the right amount of gas would keep Jason asleep until they got him to the psychiatric hospital. Once satisfied that the gas mask was doing its job the kidnappers closed the lid on the crate. Then wrapped some tape around the outside of the crate making sure the tape was all the way around the crate. They wanted to make sure if they were seeing that people would think they were just moving the delivery crate back into the truck. Needless to say these were experienced kidnappers, and they would have Jason back at the hospital in a couple hours. At the hospital the kidnappers already had 14 other swimmers that they had picked up over the last 10 days to get ready to be shipped off. they were very experienced professionals and knew what they were doing. They had a special room where they would take the swimmers to prepare them for the billionaire. The room was soundproofed so no one could hear anything that went on in there. The room had a special bed that was designed to strap the swimmers down so they could not move. They also had a special machine that would hypnotize the swimmer and make them very suggestible. The kidnappers would then take the swimmers and put them in a crate like Jason was in. Since the trip was over 30 hours, they would always put the swimmers to sleep using a chloral hydrate suppository, and then giving them either an intervenous feed of a sleeping drug or use a gas mask on them. The swimmers were happily asleep for their trip. Then they would load them onto a private jet and fly them to the billionaire's island. The swimmers never had a chance. There is nothing they could do to escape or prevent their transformation into gay feminine men. Once there, he would go through a month-long training program where he would be taught to be a good feminine gay cocksucker. In the end he would be in complete bondage to the billionaire. The kidnappers would then return to the US and pick up another swimmer. The kidnappers took Jason back to the psychiatric hospital and unloaded him from the crate.

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Story Concepts




mind control


Roni's Challenge: Can She Swallow Joe's Huge Cumload?

Roni, a woman with an extremely huge ass, has a stepson named Joe who cums harder and more than any man on the planet. No woman has been able to swallow one of his massive loads. Roni steps up to the challenge.

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Story Concepts









Roni's Challenge: Can She Swallow Joe's Huge Cumload?

Roni, a woman with an extremely huge ass, has a stepson named Joe who cums harder and more than any man on the planet. No woman has been able to swallow one of his massive loads. Roni steps up to the challenge.

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Story Concepts









An Heir of Debauchery: The Princesses' Decree

After witnessing the increase of threats to the kingdom, Luna an Celestia decide they need an heir to the throne, or two.

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Story Concepts

Princess Luna

Princess Celestia




Hypnotic Foot Smell: PVC-Clad Dentist's Seduction

Utilizing the gas, the smell of her feet on his face and her soothing voice Keith’s pvc clad dentist hypnotizes and seduces him

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Story Concepts


foot fetish




Enchanted Mammories

A 20-year-old man named Jesse Kinsley has an unwanted ability to expand a woman's breasts. One evening, after getting stood up at a restaurant, he accidentally uses his ability on the two beautiful young female waitresses tending to him.

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Story Concepts






Dolcett World: Leila The Maid

It's a dolcett world where cannibalism and killing for fun is a norm here. Female to male ratio is 100:1, so females are itching to get male attention for whatever it is. Most females like the fantasy to get killed and eaten like a livestocks. It's very rare for females to go older than 18 years old, because they'll be send to butcher factory so their meat can be processed into cattle food. Leila and Chintya is a blood related sisters. Leila is 18 years old and Chintya is younger. When Leila applying for a maid job, she was asked to offer her younger sister to the kitchen and cook Chintya herself to the perfection for the lord and his family noble party. Leila and Chintya gladly accepted and they even suggest to the lord to offer a preparation and cooking show on the stage where Leila prepare the meat of her sister and cook her. Firstly, Leila striped Chyntia naked on the stage. The next meat preparation will be explained on the later chapters.

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Story Concepts






A Quiet Lizard's Surprising New Home: Finding Family in the Reptile Apartment Condo

Bao the lizard had just moved into his new reptile apartment condo filled with many other reptile residents. What he doesn't realize, however, is that everyone on the floor is friendly and outgoing—the last thing he wanted from this place. Will Bao stay within the walls of his apartment room or would his friendly, fellow reptile neighbors pull him out from his shell?

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Story Concepts






Fomo: the Lugana and RetroDice love affair

Write a sexually graphic homoerotic sex story about RetroDice and Lugana Rysniq. Lugana makes avatars that people like in VRChat, is a popular avatar creator and has a girlfriend. Retro does not have a girlfriend but loves Lugana anyway. Lugana is a man and RetroDice is a man.

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Story Concepts






Unexpected Hypnotic Triggers

Dave and his wife Anna decided to surprise their friends by buying tickets to a hypnotist show. Little did they know that the hypnotist would plant a seed of sexual desire within Anna that would trigger lewd behavior when she least expected it - like when they were grocery shopping or out at a restaurant. The two friends try to come up with ways to snap her out of it, all while trying not to draw too much attention to themselves.

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Story Concepts

Unexpected Hypnotic Triggers


Erotic Hypnosis

Sexual Hypnosis

Public Sexual Behavior

Invasion: Jessica's Effortless Fall to an Evil Army

The brave heroine Jessica has infiltrated the evil base with her highly trained team of secret agents. She is dressed in a skimpy white outfit, with a tactical crop top and white tactical shorts. Her team are discovered and have to fight their way out. Jessica is taunting army of evil soldiers and teasing them with her sexy body as she and her team are effortlessly winning the gun fight. However, just as she was about to deliver and huge blow to the main villain, on of the evil mercenaries slips a hypnotic visor over her eyes.

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Story Concepts


white outfit

sexual teasing



Story Building Blocks

Try using these in your own stories!

Featured Story Characters

Kendrick Lamar

Compton rapper that uses any opportunity to write an epic diss track

Use in story

Captured Princess Leia

Princess Leia has been captured and is now at your service

Use in story

Lucy the Uber-Driving Hypno-Succubus

She poses as an innocent Uber driver, but takes her victims to an unwanted destination- her bed!

Use in story

Amy the Gender-Transformation Scientist

A world renown gender-transformation scientist that helps others turn into their true selves!

Use in story

Samantha, a loving girlfriend

Just your vanilla, ordinary loving girlfriend. Aww, isn't that sweet?

Use in story

Andrea the cheating MILF Next Door

Her husband can't satisfy her, so she decides to turn elsewhere in the neighborhood

Use in story

Tyrion Lanister

The sharp-witted dwarf whose intellect and charm outshine his stature

Use in story

Harley Quinn

Ready to Add a Little Mayhem to Your World

Use in story

Featured Story Tags


It's like hypnosis, but with tits

Use in Story


You'll do anything to please your mistress

Use in Story


Entwined in a web of pleasure

Use in Story

First Time Lesbian

I'm straight. I think...

Use in Story


Dumb blonde and loving it: brains not required

Use in Story

Gay Sauna

Sweat, steam, and secrecy

Use in Story

Sissy Crossdressing

Embracing the feminine side, one dress at a time

Use in Story

Diaper Humiliation

Regression never felt so good

Use in Story